Young patient with Ulcerative Colitis that never responded to any medication improves her situation with F.M.T.

«Our daughter is a 17 year old who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis about 4 years ago. We were shocked when we heard her diagnosis, as she had been diagnosed with Indeterminate Colitis at age 3 after a round of giardia. She was finally rid of the giardia after several visits to a homeopath after the Flagyl did not eliminate the infection. Fortunately after finding the SCD diet her symptoms slowly disappeared after the Pentasa failed to have any impact. Fast forward to almost ten years later and she is in the hospital again with a different diagnosis and similar symptoms. We refused Methotrexate and she was released on a TPN diet utilizing Orgain, an organic version of Ensure without the chemical additives. Her symptoms improved, and we began seeing different naturopaths/functional medicine physicians to move her to complete health. Over the next 3 1/2 years we used many different approaches, and each time our daughter’s condition would improve and then deteriorate. Finally, in Sept. of 2015 she was hospitalized again, and due to her history and the Standard of Care used for insurance purposes by our local hospital monopoly in Western PA/US, our only choice was to begin Remicade infusions immediately. The first 30 days were hopeful as our daughter began to feel better and become more active. She was still on a restricted diet and had diarrhea and some blood in her 6-8 stools per 24 hours, but we were hopeful and encouraged by our Gastro physician. We went on a vacation to Florida for Thanksgiving in late November and she had a bad flare that landed her in the hospital once again in early December. The Remicade was increased to the maximum dose at 2 week intervals and her condition improved slightly. However, this felt like the old pattern, early hope that is dashed not long after. Our Gastro Doc recommended Methotrexate with the Remicade, but with the Remicade having limited effect we did not want to add a second toxic and potentially lethal medication. In April of this year my wife and I both had powerful experiences on a weekend retreat that catalyzed our world wide search for a treatment for our daughter. Our Gastro Doc was talking colon resection as a way to improve the effectiveness of the Remicade. We wanted no parts of that.

So we contacted Dr. Sivio Najt at the Newbery Clinic in Buenos Aires. We had worked with Dr. Najt by Skype when our daughter was diagnosed 4 years earlier, and at the time his natural treatment significantly improved her condition. However, Dr. Najt had become disillusioned with the natural approach and decided to move to Fecal Transplants. We followed Dr. Najt as he began to provide FMT’s and we entertained them as a possibility. The time had come to try them, and we contacted Dr. Najt. He reviewed our daughter’s recent medical history, and implored us to get to his clinic ASAP. If we waited and another flare erupted, the FMT’s may not be a possibility.

So 3 weeks later my wife and daughter were on their way to Buenos Aires for a month to receive 20 FMT’s at the Newbery Clinic. While the adjustment was a little difficult at first they began to enjoy the local culture, the laid back Latin relationship with time and the love of good food. After the secomd week we noticed that our daughter was able to tolerate foods that she could not for years, most surprising was dairy. After the 20 FMT’s and her return to the US and continuing the FMT’s at home, our daughter’s condition continues to improve. She has gained over 20 lbs., reduced her stools from 6-8 watery/diarrhea in 24 hours to 2-3 formed/semi-formed, without any noticeable blood, and her pain level while defecating has gone from a 7-8 on a 10 scale to a 0-1. Her energy has improved from a 2-3 to a 7-8. So there is no doubt that the FMT’s are working, as it has been a total of 3 months and 46 implants since we started. She still has some inflammation in other areas and we know we are not out of the woods yet, but doing FMT’s has been by far the best treatment that our daughter has received. Last but not least, our experience with Dr. Najt has been remarkable. His kindness, humility, determination, support, availability and integrity are unparallelled in our many experiences in the medical universe. And the icing on the cake is that he is a funny guy! I would recommend him and the Newbery Clinic without hesitation and in fact my wife and I have done so to anyone interested in FMT’s after hearing our story.»