What we do

Newbery Medicine approaches each patient’s case as a medical case with the goal of optimizing health as opposed to simply offering an “FMT enema procedure.” Every potential patient at Newbery Medicine receives personal consultation from the Medical Team who thoroughly examine each patient’s symptoms and health history to determine the appropriateness of FMT for their condition.

Newbery Medicine is a unique treatment facility devoted to studying and treating inflammatory diseases. Newbery includes a full spectrum of new medical strategies including FMT as a novel and very useful therapy. The team that would be treating you is made up of medical professionals with decades of experience — specialists in FMT, bacteriology, and infectious disease control. We feel that our personalized approach, commitment to progressing the science of FMT, and our superior medical staff offers patients the best option to heal through bacteriotherapy.

Recently the medical community has come to discover the immense importance of bacteria and viruses that live in and on the human body for maintaining health. Thanks to genetic techniques we now know that we have trillions of bacteria that make up our body’s “ecosystem” and that they play a major role in many of our most vital functions. If our bacterial population is not well balanced we may suffer from a variety of diseases. However, in some cases it seems that we can “repair” the damaged populations and regain our good health. Today we can “map” the bacteria in our intestines and determine how unbalanced they are and now with these new tools, proceed to repair it.

Bacteria Transplant – Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT)
Science has recently started to show that many severe diseases are accompanied by an abnormal bacteria “map”. Progressively, medicine has been treating some of these diseases by displacing abnormal bacteria with a new set of microorganisms coming from a healthy donor. This fascinating possibility has becomes a real treatment in many health situations that until now had almost no effective treatment. We are moving from the concept of “autoimmune” disease to a “dysbiosis” situation, which is both a revolutionary approach and explanation to many health problems. Obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, acne, psoriasis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and many other diseases have an “unbalanced” intestinal population in common. The manipulation of bacteria opens a new therapeutic option, unthinkable until recently. Newbery Medicine is dedicated to finding the best donors, supervising them very carefully and preserving their intestinal bacteria so that we may induce the best therapeutic effects in our patients.

Bacteria Bank / probiotics / prebiotics / bacteriotherapy
Newbery Medicine uses fresh and frozen samples. Our frozen samples come from a bank of frozen bacteria which we have developed based on the most modern techniques of harvesting, handling and preservation. The designation of probiotics is used today to identify living bacteria that can be administered to the body. So far only a small amount of bacteria available today (e.g. yogurts) are generally non-human bacteria. Consumption or administration of “probiotics” has very poor therapeutic effects, and in some cases may exacerbate inflammatory conditions. However, the use of “balanced” human bacteria allows the recipient to recover a normal balance of gut bacteria. This is really “bacteriotherapy” because it fulfills the therapeutic objective of “curing or restoring” the ecological balance of the intestine and as a side effect reducing the inflammatory phenomena of various diseases.

FMT treatment, supervision and monitoring
At Newbery Medicine, we believe that the best results with Bacterial Therapy (FMT) are achieved only under very careful supervision. We are very thorough with each diagnosis and evaluation of every candidate. Our aim is to make sure that the patient´s health status is correctly diagnosed; their level of inflammation is measured as an initial parameter, and that they are thoroughly prepared to receive the bacteria transplants. This gives the patient the best chance of success and to avoid all side effects. FMT can be a very successful therapy and should be in the hands of highly qualified personnel to monitor the entire process and obtain the best results.

At Newbery Medicine we understand that the best approach for successful FMTs is through the preservation and care of the existing conditions in the intestinal lumen. Even though we understand that the gut microflora might be unbalanced, the disruption of the native flora, the mucus, the “bacterial food”, etc. violently destroyed through the use of antibiotics, cleansing, colon prep, etc. before using FMTs, is like planting seeds in a deserted land. Against all this destruction of the bacterial environment, we chose to improve the recipient gut condition so we are able to transplant the new bacteria into a more acceptable atmosphere, not as harsh and disrupted as expected after irrigations, laxatives or antibiotics.