Ulcerative colitis patient finds relief from all his symptoms after FMT

«After the third transplant I started seeing formed stools (and) didn’t see any specs of blood.» – Fation

Fation, from Toronto Canada, is perhaps the perfect ulcerative colitis patients to receive FMT treatment as he has only been diagnosed with the disease for four months. This allows us to reset the bacterial balance at an early stage in the disease before it causes extensive damage and scaring to the colon.

Fation, like many with ulcerative colitis, said he first started having problems during a period of high stress and then a case of food poisoning. After a while of loose stools, vomiting, and stomach pain, he went to see a doctor who prescribed him antibiotics. He took the antibiotics for about 10 days and then started to notice blood in his stools. He then had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with UC.

After only three FMTs, Fation noted that he feels much better and has been able to taper off prednisone. He started seeing formed stools again and didn’t see any blood in them. Also, he said that his energy has been much better than before the treatment.

The plan is to continue treatment at home after his one week stay in Buenos Aires.