There is blood in my son’s poop!

Blood that is seen along with poo can be a minor (local) problem or a life-threatening medical emergency.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when assessing bleeding with stools, first the amount of blood, but as this is almost impossible to measure and blood deeply stains everything, what counts is how frequent our boy goes to the toilet. More than eight times in 24 hours with blood in each bowel movement must turn the alarm lights and procure a qualified medical consultation. Some cases of anal bleeding may require the consultation with a surgeon because the case could involve a surgical intervention.

If the amount of blood is small, brilliant red and mixed with the stools, it may be due to a multitude of causes. It may be originated in local irritation, bleeding hemorrhoids, local ulcers or fissures or a systemic problem like blood clotting problems, ulcerative colitis, Crohn´s disease, etc.

If the blood is black (and it can be deep black) the blood is originated high in the gut (maybe stomach) and it gets “digested” acquiring this black color. When it is red it probably comes from a section of the gut closer to the end.

Anyway observing blood in the stools is a matter of quick consultation with a qualified doctor long before using any home remedy.