Teacher with Ulcerative Colitis

«Results were incredible after the first week.» – Florence F.

Towards the end of 2008, after many tortuous peregrinations through doctors´ offices and several analysis, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was also diagnosed with Lupus by a reumatologist, though that diagnosis was later discareded by several doctors.
I was prescribed a high dose of sulfazalazine, a medication which was effective almost inmediately. Within a few days, the pain and bleeding stopped.
However, I continued to experience a discomfort that was difficult to explain. My dependence on the medication, the bloating and the limitations I had with food affected my emotional state.
This continued until 2016, with many comings and goings, trying my hand at several therapies. Homeopathy, moving to the country side, attempting to solve certain “mental issues”, believing that the illness originated from unresolved issues (and I continue to beleive that emotional pain can influence the manifestation of certain illnesses).
In 2012, after having lived for two years in Córdoba, I returned to Buenos Aires and continued to investigate. That is when I found Dr. Silvio Najt on the web. I got in touch with him and we had an interview towards the end of 2013.
I begin to feel enthusiastic about the treatment and I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
However, when I speak to my doctor, whom I trusted, his reaction was decisively negative. My dismay was deep and profound.
I let a year go by and the discomfort continues. The symptoms come and go. The outbreaks come and go. The emotional pain is great and hard to explain, since there are no symptoms but the discomfort persists.
In 2015 I reconnect with Dr. Silvio and begin treatment. We begin, after preparing with steroids, to use one daily implant during a month.
The results were incredible after as the first week. My body only experienced a kind of rejection once.
Later, we went down to three weekly implants. Then two, then one, and currently, a year and a half after starting the treatment, I do two implants a month.
I never again felt pain like I used to, nor have I had ulcers.
It´s true that I continue to be careful with certain foods; I have to be moderate with gluten and dairy. I maintain a diet that I know is healthy for me. I avoid the things I know are bad for me (cause bloating)
I will be forever greatful with Dr. Silvio and his team for their treatment, yes, but also for their support, the ease and security they transmitted at every moment.
Thank you!