Q&A about Newbery Medicine

Where is Newbery Medicine located?
Newbery Medicine is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital of Argentina
 with a population of over 15 million. The city is known for its culture, especially its visual art, architecture, fashion, dance (Tango), performance art, and nightlife. Buenos Aires is the most-visited city in South America and is often called “The Paris of South America”. Boasting a high quality of life, relaxing atmosphere, modern infrastructure, friendly locals, and great weather, Buenos Aires is the ideal place to spend your time while receiving treatment. Many patients who have lived in major metro areas in the U.S. or Europea have remarked that they do not feel out of place living in Buenos Aires and actually prefer it to being back home.
Palermo, the chic neighborhood where the Newbery Clinic is located is where Argentina’s film industry is based, as well as where its trendiest clubs, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and cafes can be found. Taking a stroll down the cobblestone streets in Palermo you will come across beautiful street art, art galleries, designer shops, outdoor markets, parks, yoga studios, spas, and health food stores.
We at Newbery Medicine understand that travel can be difficult for our patients because of the medical conditions they deal with. We can assure you that you will have the resources available in Buenos Aires to make your FMT treatment as stress-free and successful as possible. In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources on the Buenos Aires page.

How far is Buenos Aires from the USA / Europe?
It takes around 9 to 11 hours to fly from Dallas, Chicago, New York, Miami, London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Madrid. All of those cities have direct flight into Buenos Aires.

Is Buenos Aires a typical western city with the amenities I’m used to at home?
Yes, Buenos Aires is a modern city, with all of the conveniences you would expect in a large international city.
Lodging: There are many good hotels and Airbnb apartments near the clinic that will meet your needs. You may find lodgings that range from luxury to tight budget accommodations.
Food: There are more than 200 restaurants in the area surrounding Newbery Medicine as well as health food stores, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores that can accommodate restricted diets.
Safety: Buenos Aires is a safe and friendly city. That being said, people travelling here are advised to take the same precautions they would in any large city.
Getting around: Traveling within Buenos Aires is easy either via cabs, bikes, public transportation or by foot.
Communication and remote work: All hotels, hostels, Airbnb apartments, Starbuck, bars, restaurants, some public spaces, etc. offer free wifi connections. Also there are many places where you may rent office space on a short term basis where full services are provided. For example: Urban Station or Regus.
Please check the section on Buenos Aires for more about the city and resources on how to make your stay convenient, fun, and as relaxing as possible.

Do patients need to know Spanish?
Not at all. English is taught at school and almost everybody speaks it. In addition, the city is quite easy to navigate given the availability of public transport, the abundance of affordable taxis, and Uber. Those who do not speak English are patient and friendly, and appreciate any effort at communicating in Spanish!

If patients are traveling to Argentina from other countries, are there any special instructions they should know regarding weather, clothing, local dining or things that they should pack or be sure to bring with them (like a passport or visa)?
Most foreign visitors do not need to have a visa, you may check this link (the reciprocity fee with the USA is suspended but may bu subject to change).
In terms of weather, Buenos Aires is in the southern hemisphere and, as such, the seasons are inverted from North American and European countries.

Are patients provided meals at your clinic or will they need to find dining in the area?
Newbery does not provide meals, but we can direct patients and their families to the best restaurants to fulfill and dietary needs: vegan, organic, gluten free, etc. There are also two organic markets within walking distance.

Are there things that patients should bring to their treatment? (medications, something to read, medical documents, etc.)
Patients should have good health travel insurance, as for any other type of trip. We will prescribe any medication we need them to take to prepare the patient for the treatment. We typically prescribe a moderate amount of steroids to reduce inflammation and the chance of rejection of new bacteria. We will provide patients with any prescription they might need during their stay. A copy of their medical record will be requested in the interview process previous to their arrival.

Do your patients stay at your clinic overnight or do they need to find living quarters?
Newbery is an ambulatory clinic; we do not offer overnight stay. There are plenty of new and affordable apartments within a few minutes walking distance from us. We have identified a number of good sites which we recommend. We can also arrange airport transportation with a trusted driver.

Will patients need to remain in their rooms during their treatment protocols or would they be able to sight-see and participate in tourist activities?
We request that the first two days they remain calm, giving the chance for the new bacteria to find their place in the gut. Too much activity will demand a lot of energy which will subtract from the gut process. We recommend our patients find a relaxing, pleasant place to let their bodies have time to heal.