Personalized Approach To FMT

Every prospective patient at Newbery Medicine receives personal consultation from our Medical Team who thoroughly examine each patient’s unique case to determine the appropriateness of FMT for their condition. Newbery Medicine approaches each case as a medical case with the goal of optimizing health as opposed to simply offering a one size fits all “FMT enema procedure.”

Care and pricing tailored to your needs
Once the Team deems that your condition could benefit from FMT, you will work with them to create a treatment plan that fits your specific medical case and logistical needs. Your custom treatment plan will determine its cost as we do not offer a one-size fits all package. Due to our holistic medical approach, Newbery Medicine may supplement FMT with traditional medications as well as dietary recommendations in order to achieve the most beneficial outcome for our patients.

Doctor – Patient Relationship
Newbery Medicine is directly supervised by our team of medical professionals — specialists in FMT, bacteriology, and infectious disease control — who you will be in close contact with throughout your treatment. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by the close relationship at Newbery as they are used to a more distant approach to health care. This serves a few primary functions: you are ensured that your FMT procedures go as planned, changes can be made to your treatment plan to ensure the best outcome, and the Team can quickly answer any questions you might have.

Ongoing support
For many, especially those with severe cases of IBD, FMT is an ongoing treatment that benefits from experienced medical supervision. Once you have completed your treatment at Newbery Medicine, you may continue treatment at home with either frozen specimens, or a donor. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients, Newbery Medicine provides ongoing support for FMT.



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