Jeff trying to avoid a colectomy adopts FMT

«All the drugs have failed, so this is my last option…the treatment seems to be helping me out a lot. I’ve reduced my urgency a ton and been able to come off my prednisone by about 50%.» – Jeff

Jeff, age 36, has had ulcerative colitis for 16 years and lives in North Carolina, USA. He has received all imaginable treatments for his condition with very poor results. He has always been hugely dependent from steroids in order to maintain some normal quality of life. Recently, his gastroenterologist recommended that he consider getting his colon removed in order to “eliminate” his disease. Facing this option of no return with his gut, he decided to give the new and ground-breaking approach of Fecal Microbiota Transplant a chance whereby his gut bacteria would be replaced by bacteria provided by health donors After a two weeks of treatment, he began to feel improvement, less urgency, less number of visits to the bathroom, stools are more formed, etc. He also noticed greater amount of energy. He initially was able to cut his steroid intake by half without flaring.. The plan is that he continues doing periodical FMTs until reaching once or twice a month to keep nurturing the “good bacteria” he now possesses. For long-term IBD suffers like Jeff the road to healng can be long with ups and downs, but in general he has seen drastic improvements over traditional treatments.


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