Helen from Belgium resolves multiple skin and gut issues with FMT

«I tried many, many therapies without results… (after 10 FMTs) I feel some difference, like my skin is glowing… I’m positive my skin will clear up completely.» – Helen

Helen is a 34 year-old woman from Belgium who consulted with us because she suffered from gut, skin and hormonal problems. She has had a great difficulty gaining weight and experiences mood disorders, mainly depression. Her gut symptoms consisted of severe constipation, pain, slow digestion, and various food intolerances.

She underwent a month of daily Fecal Microbiota Implants (FMT) and then took frozen specimens with her to continue regular therapy.

After two months of FMT therapy she reports that her gut symptoms are gone, she gained four kilograms (the first time in many years she was able to gain weight) , she does not have any more hypoglycemic episodes as she used to have, and her disposition towards life has seemed to improve.. Also, her skin manifestations have resolved; no more redness, scales, or inflammation since she started with FMTs.