Buenos Aires City

Buenos Aires is the vibrant and modern capital of Argentina with a population of over 15 million. The city is known for its culture, especially its visual art, architecture, fashion, dance (Tango), performance art, and nightlife. Buenos Aires is the most-visited city in South America and is often called “The Paris of South America.” Boasting a high quality of life, modern infrastructure, friendly locals, great weather, and a more relaxed pace of life, Buenos Aires is the ideal place to spend your time while receiving treatment. Many patients who have lived in major metro areas in the U.S. or European have remarked that they do not feel out of place living in Buenos Aires and actually prefer it to being back home!

Palermo, the chic neighborhood where the Newbery Clinic is located is where Argentina’s film industry is based as well as where its trendiest clubs, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and cafes can be found. Taking a stroll down the cobblestone streets in Palermo you will come across beautiful street art, art galleries, designer shops, outdoor markets, parks, yoga studios, spas, and health food stores.

We at Newbery Medicine understand that travel can be difficult for our patients because of the medical conditions they deal with. We can assure you that you will have the resources available in Buenos Aires to make your FMT treatment as stress-free and successful as possible. In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources below:


  • Getting to Buenos Aires: It takes around 12 hours to fly from Dallas, Chicago, New York, Miami, London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Madrid. All of those cities have direct flight into Buenos Aires.
  • Getting Around the City: Buenos Aires has a well-run public transportation system with subway and buses. Cabs are also a good way to get around and affordable. Most of our patients stay near the clinic during their treatment and walk or ride a bike daily. Bike lanes are prevalent around Buenos Aires and bike rentals can be had at a good rate.
  • Housing: Most of our patients opt for using AirBnb to find accommodations. Housing can be found for as little as $15/night, but you can spend more for luxury accommodations with more amenities. There are also many good hotels in the area. Patients typically live in Palermo or the neighborhoods near the clinic. www.airbnb.com Home, a favorite local hotel and spa: www.homebuenosaires.com/en/
  • Food: We understand that many of our patients are on restricted diets and that staying on that diet while traveling is important. There are more than 200 restaurants in the area surrounding Newbery Medicine as well as health food stores, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores that can accommodate restricted diets.
  • Safety: Buenos Aires has a low violent crime rate even compared to US cities. Overall, petty theft is more common, but using common sense will greatly reduce the chance that you could be a victim of a pickpocket. The area surrounding Newbery Clinic is one of the safest in the city.
  • Language: Spanish is spoken in Argentina, but knowledge of Spanish is not necessary to get around Buenos Aires. Many of our patients have come to the clinic without knowledge of Spanish and have not had issues. The staff at Newbery speaks English and the friendly locals are generally helpful to foreigners.
  • Communication and remote work: All hotels, hostels, Airbnb apartments, Starbuck, bars, restaurants, some public spaces, etc. offer free Wi-Fi connections. Also there are many places where you may rent office space on a short term basis where full services are provided. For example: Urban Station http://argentina.enjoyurbanstation.com/enjoy/ or Regus http://www.regus.com.ar/


Known as the “Paris of South America,” due to its beauty and culture, Buenos Aires has a wide variety of entertainment, cultural events, and shopping to keep even the most entertained. Below are some links to a variety of cultural resources.

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